Friday, January 1, 2010

Las Vegas, The Bellagio

Wedding Location Review
Las Vegas, Bellagio

If you follow my blog you know that during the "off season" for weddings I am visiting possible wedding locations and providing reviews. The next location I visited was the infamous Las Vegas. Vegas weddings have an "all inclusive", "get her done" reputation. So, I headed East to check this out for myself and to provide a review based on my perception.

I decided to stay at a known, nice hotel so I picked The Bellagio. The Bellagio offers brides two chapels, one outside terrazza and eight different wedding packages that fit the needs of all different wedding desires.

My review. When I first entered the hotel the smell of smoke blasted over me. I am not a smoker and I would say that I am sensitive to the smell so this was not a first good impression however, I sacrificed for this review and sadly the stay did not get that much better. The line just to check in was outrageously long and when we got to the front they were out of non-smoking, king bed rooms.

Restaurants: lines, lines and longer lines. Pack food, make reservations or call for room service because if you don't you will be waiting in a long line to feast. The food was okay. I didn't find any of the restaurants more than just ordinary.

Rooms: Nice. I don't think you would be disappointed in the rooms. They were comfortable in size and they had a lot of nice amenities such as remote control drapes.

Spa: AMAZING. If you elect to use the spa services you will be pleased. There are four hot/cold tubs and a very relaxing atmosphere.

Customer Service: Poor. Expect a long line for the, concierge, bell desk, and/or the front desk. We had a few issues with our stay and had to wait in almost all of these lines to get things straightened out.

My overall rating of this location is 2.6 stars!
Location - 2 stars
Customer Service - 1.8 stars
Rooms - 3 stars
Views - 2.2 stars
Spa - 4 stars
Romantic ambiance - 3 stars

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