Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heather & Dieter's walk through - Real Weddings

Last weekend Bride to Bridesmaids met up with Heather and Dieter to conduct their one month walk through at the Marine Room in downtown La Jolla.

Here is part of the main dinning location. The windows to the right offer panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. This is a fantastic inside location with a great open outside ocean feel.

A peak of the ocean view.

This is where the head table and family of Heather and Dieter will be sitting.

And on the other side of this room is where all of the friends of Heather and Dieter will be dinning. In the middle will be the location of the dance floor, cake, and live band.

We are looking forward to coordinating Heather and Dieter's afternoon wedding in less than one month.

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