Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Married in Maui

Want to get married in Maui?  My recent trip to the island will hopefully lend some great advice for you as you plan your perfect day:
1. You must visit your hotel before your wedding day.  Things are not as the appear on the internet; for better and for worse.
2. View the guest rooms.  Many times the fantastic exterior of a hotel masks poor, unkept guest rooms.  You don't want any surprises on your wedding day/week.
3. The time of day does matter.  Depending where you are on the island make sure your events are not scheduled when the winds usually pick up (20 mph) unless, that is, you want the wind blown look.
4. Plan for shade.  The sun can be very intense if you do not have clouds to provide you and your guests relief.
5. Water. A lot of the beaches are considered a desert therefore it is hot and dry.  Have water (or spa water) available for your guests as they wait for the ceremony to begin (depending on the time of day and time of year it could be cooler, hotter...).
6. Plan time for pictures.  There are so many amazing views to capture.  Work with your photographer and coordinator to insure you plan enough time in your day for this.
7. Enjoy.  Maui is relaxing.  Make sure you live the "aloha" and just enjoy the calm energy of the island.

A picture of the exclusive, soft, sandy beaches at the Four Seasons:
A picture of the resort at the Westin:

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