Friday, August 6, 2010

Shoes. They are the picture perfect pair!

You may be asking, "are bridal shoes really that important?"  The answer, "yes!"!  First of all, photographers love to snap and click when it comes to the shoes.  They get their own photo op when you are getting ready.  Secondly, they will steal the attention when you are elegantly stepping down stairs; everyone wants to see what 'glass slipper' Cinderella wore to her ball.  Thirdly, your wedding day is going to be a long, fun and exciting day.  You want to be stylish, comfortable and have the shoes do all the walking and talking!  

Here are a few shoes that caught my eye from stylish, to elegant, to classy comfortable. 

The top four pairs of shoes can be found on

These two pairs can be found at bellissima bridal

This shoe can be found at Ann

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