Sunday, August 15, 2010

Destination Wedding - Waikiki, HI

Destination wedding?  Where to go, why to go, how to go.  Destination weddings are a great way to control the guest list and to make a vacation week or weekend for your guests.  If you have a number of friends you feel obligated to invite to your wedding and know that your guest list is going to be huge but your dream wedding is a small, intimate wedding; a destination wedding is a perfect solution for you.  Where to go?  One recommendation is Waikiki, HI.  I have three hotels that I recommend.  All of them are right next to each other with beachfront property and walking access to all of Waikiki.

Waikiki, HI at night 
This picture was taken from the Sheraton Hotel.  The Sheraton is one of three hotels in Waikiki that I recommend.  The pool makes this property unique.  It has a great eternity pool.  The only downside is that there is not much beach property to enjoy.  If you are a pool person then this hotel is a great option for you.

The second recommendation:  The Moana Surfrider Hotel. This hotel is in the heart of Waikiki.  It is pretty much walking distance from everything in that area.  It is a super classy and elegant historic hotel. I hear the high tea is a great event that starts at around 4pm.

When you walk into the hotel you are welcomed with the warm interior design and elegance.

The ballroom can be dressed up beautifully for any bride!

The restaurant sits overlooking the blue ocean.  This is a great place for a rehearsal dinner or to relax at before all of the events begin.

The third recommendation:  The Royal Hawaiian.  It is also called the "pink palace".  When you check-in to the hotel you are greeted with beautiful floral hawaiian leis.  When you sit at the check-in desk you are given a warm wet cloth to clean your hands and a fresh fruit punch to sip.  Later that evening housekeeping will put a fresh baked banana loaf in your room to welcome you.  The hotel makes you feel like you are the King and Queen of your vacation! 
The Royal Hawaiian is an historic landmark in Waikiki, HI.  This hotel is top notch and the most expensive nightly rate of the three that I recommend.  To give you an idea, Harry Winston had an event last Thursday evening for a few of their clients to preview the new fall collection.  On display was a 13 carat diamond ring selling for $2.4 million.

This is a hallway in the hotel that leads to the pool and lounge area.  It is beautiful and a great spot for pictures.

The ballroom has a beautiful backdrop of the crystal blue ocean.  The style of this room is bold and beautiful.

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