Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 top wedding items you should 'splurge' on!

When it comes to planning your wedding the World is yours if you want it... with a nice price tag, of course.  If you have a budget or a price range you want to stay in here are the top 5 areas you should spend your money on.

#1.  Your venue.  Pick a venue that is all ready "dressed up".   Meaning picking a venue that has a great view of the ocean, a golf course, a downtown skyline, beautifully landscaped outdoor location or a beautifully architected building.  If you find a place that has this requirement you will find that you will spend less on trying to turn a square room into a room with ambiance.  Also when looking at venues look at the room itself.  Look at the decor, the chairs, the furniture that the site offers with the rental of the room.  The less you have to do to "dress up" the room, the better on the budget.  The most expensive weddings are usually 'a la carte' weddings.  Meaning paying to rent a space and then renting chairs, tables, linens, lighting, sound systems, microphones, tenting, caterers, a serving staff, a clean up staff, decorations, and decor.  This all runs up a budget pretty fast.

#2. Your coordinator.  You pay for what you get.  You want a professional planning your day.  There is a big difference between a professional and a novice wedding coordinator.  Hiring a professional is like hiring an experienced conductor to orchestrate a symphony.   If you have a novice they will make little mistakes that will be noticed by your guests.  If you hire an experienced professional coordinator the day will flow without the slightest hiccup.  Being a coordinator, we are worth every penny.  Essentially we protect your investment.  You will spend around $30-$100k on a wedding.  We make sure that investment is protected and the day runs just as you vision.

#3.  Your photographer.  Pictures last a lifetime.  On the day of your wedding you will not remember every moment.  The day will fly by.  You need a professional, experienced photographer to capture every special moment of your big day.  With the advances in technology, anyone can be a photographer.  Make sure to ask and see the photographer's portfolio ask about their experience.  When looking at a portfolio, picture yourself in those pictures and ask yourself, "Is this how I want to remember my wedding?".   If the answer is "no", keep looking.  What you see is what you will get.  You should not find too much variation in their portfolio and your wedding day pics.  Ask about the assistant.  Make sure that they are a professional as well.  You don't want 'brother Joe' taking pictures on your wedding day.  You want another professional capturing a different view of each special and important event.  Lastly, ask for the CD copy of all of your pictures.

#4.  Your wedding Dress!  You are the bride and you should look like one.  Spend a few extra and get the dress of your dreams.  If you can't afford a designer dress, shop the sales.  Find an 'off the rack' sale and get a dress that makes you look like a stunning, elegant, beautiful bride!  Forever you will look at your wedding pictures and you should be very happy with what you get married in.

#5.  Your music; DJ or Band.  If you go cheap on the band or DJ your wedding will run the chance of being destroyed.  You want a professional DJ to MC well, play 'approved' music and be flexible to turn on a dime.  If your guests are not paying attention or not enjoying themselves you need a DJ that will makes changes to the music to get everyone back on their feet!   Make sure that you interview your DJ and see them in action.  Ask them when their next wedding is and pop in to see their work first hand.  Ask for references.

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