Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"loved Bride to Bridesmaids" - Bride

Heather and I love the letters and thank you cards we get from our happy Brides.

I would like to share a recent letter we received from the very happy Mr. and Mrs. Groff.

"BridestoBridesmaids allowed our casual, eco-friendly, hippie wedding dreams to become reality! The Groffs

The entire stressful process of organizing a wedding in 6 months was made not only possible but enjoyable with the help of JoDawn and Heather. The genuine care and concern they showed for Steve and I was not merely through words but actions. In fact meeting with JoDawn after our initial walk thru she sent me a CD in the mail with relaxation music to help with my pre- wedding meditation.

They dealt with every situation with confidence and ease and this was all leading up to the special day!

The day of was a blur for the bride and surreal for the groom. Floating around in a dream-like state we now reflect back on our wedding day and thank God that JoDawn and Heather were able to be present, maintain organization and aid in the natural ebb and flow of the events of what could have been a crazy day.

The day went smoothly and JoDawn and Heather are undeniably the ones to thank! JoDawn and Heather helped to make the bride feel special and important and the groom to feel comfortable and relaxed.

We would strongly recommend BridestoBridesmaids to anyone who wants their wedding day to flow as naturally beautifully as ours did!

Peace & Love,
Casey and Steve Groff

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