Thursday, March 5, 2009

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5 Tips for Dazzling Decor - Moomba, Custom Creations 4 Life's Celebrations.

You have set the date, picked a location and you have your wedding theme and colors already in mind. But, how do you make sure everything flows together? This blog post answers that exact question. Kathi Allen is the President and Chief Muse of
Moomba, Custom Creations 4 Life's Celebrations, her company specializes in wedding decor, custom favors, invitations/printed material and full event design and management. She has provided the 5 tips below.

1. Start at the Entry Point. Whatever your theme or focus is, start at the entry point. Whether it's at the front door, a gate or?, place something there that hints of what's to come.

2. Think Layers. Adding height and layers to your tables and surfaces creates drama and can be done with most any object.

3. Think outside the box. ANYTHING is fair game for decor. If it goes with your theme, don't be afraid to use it.
4. Think form not function. In the event arena, you can't really think outside the box, unless you think form not function. You'll be amazed what you'll come up if you throw out the old ideas of what something is used for and just look at it for shape and potential usage

5. Think beyond the table. While the table is an important focal point in decor, don't stop there. Think about the bathrooms, entry ways, drink tables, and any other possible place your guests eyes will fall on.

Moomba specializes in "Creating enchanting events, enveloping decor and exclusive event products for celebrating those memorable moments of life".

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  1. I love this table...where can I find this fabric and pillow used for the tablescape...? I don't live in California, I live in New York