Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lighting - Does it really make a difference?

Question, how can you add a "wow" factor to your wedding without adding a "wow" to your budget? Lighting! It is that easy! For example, the gobo lighting, what you see in the picture below, runs about $300.

The right type of lighting can set off a mood of elegance, romance, and sophistication. The right type of lighting can dress up any room, it can also create an illusion of size or color. Lighting can create texture and design to the most "flat" or boring room. The right type of lighting can personalize your wedding or a section of your wedding. Lighting can set different moods and styles throughout your wedding. The right type of lighting will complement and highlight your colors, theme and style. Lighting is that final touch, it is that "wow" your guests will notice and remember.

How do you find the perfect lighting for your wedding? The answer, hire professionals. Steve Wemmer, who is with Golden Sounds Entertainment, provided me these pictures to show how the right kind of lighting can add that "wow" to your wedding. Steve, and the other professionals in his industry, will have a consultation with you at your ceremony site, provide you advice, and give you a quote. For reference, Gobo lighting, which is lighting with your name on the wall, will run you about $300. That includes design, set up and breakdown.

Pictures complements of:
Steve Wemmer
Golden Sounds Entertainment
600 Anton Blvd. Suite 1137
Costa Mesa, Ca 92626

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